Advanced composite tapes

PRO-VAC Teflon mould release product

PRO-VAC Teflon release products are made of tough premium grade materials to withstand the demands of the demould process through many cure cycles. The product is total resistant to all commonly used resin systems and adheres to both composite and metal tooling; the adhesive systems used are pressure sensitive so will not flow under temperature and pressure.

We recommend that the reinforced products are used on flat or single curvature surfaces

PRO-VAC pressure sensitive tapes

PRO-VAC high temperature pressure sensitive tapes have been developed for us in everyday clean room environments as well as oven and autoclave curing, the adhesive systems and carriers have been an industrial standard for many years.

  • PRO-VAC T-TAPE25 and T-TAPE 50 – High temperature unreinforced Teflon tape tapes
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