Release film & Breather

Release film

PRO-VAC Release films

Our films are specifically designed as a release film for composite processing; we are continuously striving to develop products with the best blend of polymers to produce a film with increased strength and release characteristics at the most cost effective prices.

  • PRO-VAC 500-B-28 – Blue Low temperature blended co polymer release film
    • 28 micron thick x 1.5 m wide x 500 m long rolls
    • Excellent release characteristic
    • Increased strength from the standard PE and PP films
    • Low temperature – 120ºC
    • Available up to 4 m wide as non-perforated
    • Download PRO-VAC 500-B-28 Technical Data Sheet 
  • PRO-VAC 550-Y-30 – Yellow Mid temperature polypropylene (PP) based release film
  • PRO-VAC 575-B-15 – Blue high temperature fluoropolymer (ETFE) release film
  • PRO-VAC RE-MESH – Release film and infusion mesh combination product
    • Combination of PRO-VAC 500-B-28-P31 release film and KM160E1 infusion mesh
    • Designed for resin infusion with a wide range of commonly used resin system
    • Reduces layup time and handling
    • Download PRO-VAC RE-MESH Technical Data Sheet 

We offer two styles of perforation along with the standard none perforated (NP); both are well known industrial standards.

  • P3 – Perforation style for wet lay-up and pre preg
    • 0.5 mm +/- 0.2 mm dia. hot needled holes with 10 mm staggered centers
  • P31 - Perforation style for infusion
    • 0.8 mm +/- 0.2mm dia. hot needled holes with 5 mm staggered centers
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