Pro vac Vacuum Bagging Sealant Tape

Vacuum Bagging Sealant Tape

PRO-VAC sealant tapes have been developed to be of the highest standard and quality; we understand that a sealant tape is very much a ‘hands on’ product and opinions vary greatly with respect to what the product has to achieve to be acceptable to enter production. We have spoken with many customers regarding how the sealant tape needs to behave and have developed tapes, which we consider cover all the requirements.

  • Manageable tack level in summer and winter
  • Good quantity backing paper that does not break
  • Must be a known colour
  • Packaging must be robust enough to prevent damage during transport of individual boxes
  • Possible to remove at slightly elevated temperature
  • Possible to remove after a period of time on the mould
  • Must allow ‘Snap back’ from standard bagging film types
  • Must remain stable at elevated temperatures under vacuum stress

Sealant tape products

Taking all of the above factors into consideration, we have developed a low temperature and a high temperature sealant tape:

  • PRO-VAC C2180 – General purpose cream high temperature sealant tape

There are many options available regarding the size of the profile of the sealant tape (round, wider, thicker), the tack level and the colour. These options will all have an effect on the cost of the product, be it positive or negative. If you have a special requirement or would like to have a sample of a different style of sealant tape please contact us.

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